Monday, 20 June 2016

She Loves You It's a classic!

Hello fellow music lovers i don't know about you but i'm totally psyched this is my first blog so no flames, constructive criticism is truly appreciated .

So i wanna start from the classics the golden age of rock and so why not start with a band which has been on the top the undisputed kings, take your hands clap em snap em i don't care slap em  for the one and only "THE BEATLES". Remember the song 'She Loves You' for those who don't know it is from a very nice album called 'Twist and Shout'. It's got some great songs like "Love Me Do, From Me to You and Please Please Me".

Onto the song it's one of those which grows on you at first i thought oh! its the classic Beatles song and then you start hearing the lyrics again and again from the start of the verses "She loves you......"
to the end "With a love like that......." you know it's like listening to a love letter, a ballad, a poem. The everlasting love that you feel in this song, to me this song represents the ups and downs of a relationship the highs and lows that no matter what true love will always prevail that no matter how hard you fight a little compromise from both parties and lots of love can save any relationship and make it last i don't know it maybe forever or it maybe for just a day but cherish that day and i promise you you will remember that day like it was yesterday. Hats off to the Beatles for giving us such a lovely song, my only disappointment that i wasn't able to attend even one of their concerts but Youtube gave me a time traveler and I sat front row for many of their songs. Well that's it from me Good Day and Goodbye.        

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