Thursday, 20 July 2017

13 Reasons Why, The Complete Soundtrack Review

Hello everybody. '13 Reasons Why' was a show that shook its viewers to their core. It's not just the story but it's entire soundtrack which played throughout the first full season that made the show, truly phenomenal. 

Series nowadays are exceptional, only if they have a good soundtrack, and 13 Reasons Why is the best example for it. This post talks about both the score and songs played throughout the first season.

No spoilers will be shared. The story is of Hannah Baker who sadly committed suicide, though the story starts with death life in it's whole is shown throughout the whole first season. We start from the point of view of Clay Jensen who was a friend of Hannah, One Day a package arrives at his doorstep, in it were 13 tapes and with it comes the story of Hannah Baker and why she committed suicide.

The score starts with the opening title Oh in This World of Dread, Carry on The opening title is just like it's name, dreadful. The feeling when one hears this score is of going through the dark and into the light. It symbolises the journey from life to death, the last moments of one's life. The next on the track is Hannah in simple terms, this tune is dark and mysterious. The next on track, shows a beam of light shining through, is 13 Tapes. Then comes Clay, which sounds more like a sad version of a carnival tune. Truly speaking the whole score is of a sad theme. Next comes Riding which is upbeat and compelling but at the same time soulful and filled with melancholy. Alex sounds a lot like a sinister wild west theme. Courtney sounds tense, but none of the others in the score are worth mentioning.

Jumping into the songs in the soundtrack, the best songs are, Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division, The Night We Met by  Lord Huron, Into The Black by Chromatics, High by Sir Sly, Cool Blue by The Japanese House, The Stand by The Alarm, The Walls Came Down by The Call and A 1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser Rostam. These songs are what make the show so good, and makes us keep coming back to another episode.

13 Reasons Why is all about the life of a teenager and how it's not all sunshines and rainbows as portrayed. When one grows up he forgets the bad and only remembers the good, which is not the fault of any human adult it's just psychology, where the mind forgets the bad and only remembers the good. 13 Reasons Why is a show  that must be on the top of your Binge watch-list.  

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