Monday, 27 June 2016

Goulding the name says it all

Hello music fans i am here again with another song. So iv'e been thinking i have done some classics so why not come to some of the recent ones so my artist of the day is Ellie Goulding. She started her career in 2009 and now she has become a common name in music lover's hearts.

On with the song it starts with a nice guitar riff and has a funky rock beat which seems to have created a territory for her. It has a nice narrative touch which somehow suits for her voice. Though it has been said that this song was an answer to Ed Sheeran's Don't I won't go into all that private lives and gossip I like to keep songs and the artist separated. The song as I said has a nice beat and some great lyrics which could become some great quotes like this one "You don't mess with love, you mess with the truth" I don't know about you but that touches my heart and blows my brain. So the song if you take the song literally it talks about a simple one night stands, you know the ones that go from a simple drink with a stranger to ending up the next morning in a hotel with a stranger sleeping next to you and a splitting headache from the hangover. You go on with your daily life trying to forget what happened but you still come back to the face of that girl or boy, even though it was a one night stand you fell a pull at your heart. This song although may not become a classic in my opinion is a great song  and hats off to Ellie for that. That's it from me and we shall meet again with another song

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